Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) in Lithuania

Intrauterine insemination
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  • 260 € / 190 £
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The price includes

  • consultation
  • necessary health tests
  • infertility treatment
  • hospitalisation
  • 24/7 personal assistance during your stay
  • transfers to / from the airport, hotel and clinic
Our specialists
  • Gynaecologists & obstetricians of the highest category
  • Treatment results: over 1.200 children have already been born
  • Have 10-15 years of experience
  • Speak fluent English
  • Studied in the USA, the UK, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic
  • Are members of various international medical societies
What sets us apart from other clinics?
Experienced doctors
Our clinic works with highly professional and educated specialists. They have 10-15 years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine and infertility treatment. Our doctors are members of various prestigious medical societies both Lithuanian and international. Find more information about our specialists here.
Higher pregnancy probability
During IVF the doctor implants 3 embryos to the uterus, which significantly increases the chances of conception. Most other clinics in Europe implant up to 2 embryos.
Moreover, our laboratory implements the latest Time Lapse methodology, which improves the selection of embryos by 20%. Time Lapse technology helps selecting the strongest embryos that are most likely to result in pregnancy.
Modern clinic
One of the biggest fertility clinics in the Baltic region which performs the most fertility procedures in the area. With over 15 years of experience, the clinic has already helped a number of couples to conceive. More than 1200 children were born thanks to the experience and expertise of the people working at the clinic.
One of the biggest medical centres in the Baltics
Our clinic is one of the biggest medical centres in the Baltic region. We work with patients from various countries, among which Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, etc.
Despite the size of the clinic we provide our patients with personal care and assistance. The majority of big public hospitals due to high volume of patients do not have enough resources and medical personnel to pay personal attention to each patient. Whereas we are fully focused on providing exceptional care and undivided attention for our patients.
Half the price
All inclusive price, which is twice lower than in Western European clinics.
Our clinic works with medical professionals of highest education and experience level and uses the same materials as the clinics in Western Europe. More often than not, the quality of our clinic‘s facilities exceed the ones in Western European clinics.
The price difference is only due to considerably lower average salaries and taxes - which is the main reason for medical travel everywhere around the world.
24/7 personal assistance
During your entire stay in Lithuania you will receive personal care as well as transport to and from the clinic, hotel, and airport. You will not have to worry about a thing. You will be assisted from the moment of plane landing in Vilnius or Kaunas airport till your departure.
Flexible date-wise
Our clinic is flexible date-wise and can usually arrange your treatment on the dates convenient for you.
All English speaking staff
Everyone in our clinic speaks English, including customer service desk, nurses, assistants and doctors.
We speak in 8 languages
Our clinic is the only clinic in Europe that offers customer service in 8 languages, among which English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, Russian, and Lithuanian.
Direct flights
2-3 hour regular flights operate from all main airports in the UK & Ireland. Lithuania is closer than you thought. You can find the list of direct flights here. Please note that airlines constantly add new flights and new destinations, therefore feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the flight that suits you best.
Ethics & responsibility
Our clinic operates strictly under international standards.
Credibility of country
Lithuania has been a part of the EU and NATO since 2004. Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the whole region and the second fastest internet speed in the world. Lithuanian medical schools have trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many foreign hospitals, among which hospitals in the UK.

What is intrauterine insemination?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is infertility treatment method in which sperm is injected directly into a woman‘s womb (uterus) using flexible narrow tube. Additionally, in some cases IUI can be combined with fertility medication that stimulates ovulation (egg cells development and release).

When is IUI recommended?

Intrauterine insemination is a great option of infertility treatment when a female partner has scarring or defects of the cervix (the lower narrow part of the womb that connects it to vagina) or history of mild to moderate endometriosis. Moreover, IUI is very effective in cases of male infertility, including low sperm counts, sperm with low mobility, erectile dysfunction (impotence) and retrograde ejaculation (a condition in which semen is ejaculated into the bladder instead of going out). Also, it is considered to be a great alternative for couples with unexplained infertility. However, the IUI procedure is not recommended when a female partner has blocked or severely damaged Fallopian tubes, ovarian failure including menopause and severe endometriosis. 

How is IUI performed?

how is IUI performedTiming is crucial for intrauterine insemination. It can be performed during natural ovulation cycle or with the use of fertility drugs (hormones that induce ovulation). The impending ovulation may be predicted according to hormone levels in woman’s urine (you can do this at home by yourself) or images of intravaginal ultrasound (your doctor will perform it at his or her office). The male partner is asked to provide a semen sample. It is prepared at the laboratory and high quality sperm is separated. The intrauterine insemination itself takes just a few minutes. It is not painful and requires no medications. A doctor inserts a thin flexible tube (catheter) into female partner’s vagina. This catheter is attached to a vial that contains previously prepared sperm. Then the doctor injects a small amount of highly concentrated healthy sperm through the catheter into the uterus. Finally, the catheter is removed. 

What are the possible risks?

Although IUI is considered as rather simple and safe procedure, there are some possible complications you should be familiar with. These complications include infection (affects less than 1% of women who undergo IUI), spotting due to vaginal bleeding (does not influence pregnancy) and multiple pregnancy (only when IUI is combined with fertility drugs).

What about results?

Success of infertility treatment highly depends on the health issues that cause infertility and the age of partners. Various data sources reveal that success rates of IUI are higher when it is combined with fertility drugs. Approximately 60 % to 70% of couples achieve pregnancy after 6 cycles of IUI. However, more or less cycles might be necessary depending on various factors.  

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