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Intertility treatment options abroad  

Choosing the Right Infertility Treatment
Most of the couples that start looking into infertility treatment options feel overwhelmed by the vast range of treatments and techniques. This article may help choosing the technique that suits you best

infertility and global trends   Getting Pregnant After Sterilization
Sterilization is a surgical procedure that ensures permanent contraception. Thanks to modern technologies and rapidly developing methods of fertility treatment the ability to conceive and give birth to a child can be restored. Learn more
male infertility   Fertility treatment after male sterilization
Although vasectomy is considered to be highly effective and permanent form of contraception, there are some methods that enable men to achieve pregnancy with their partners after having sterilization. Learn more about the possible fertility treatments
infertility and global trends   Fertility Treatment: Global Trends
Childbirth has always been considered one of the greatest gifts the family could get. However, infertility has also been a constant companion. Various methods have been used to cope with it. Learn more about treatment trends
common male infertility causes   Common Causes of Male Infertility
There are many factors that may cause male infertility including hormonal disturbances, testicular damage, infections, genetics and environmental factors. Learn more about the most frequent causes of male infertility
causes of female infertility   Common Causes of Female Infertility
Approximately, one third of infertility cases are associated to female factors such as ovulatory disorders, endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, tubal blockage and othersLearn more about the most common causes of female infertility
fertility drugs   Fertility drugs
Fertility drugs refer to a group of medications that are used to treat infertility. Nowadays the vast majority of fertility medications are used to cope with female infertility and there are very few options available for male. Learn more about fertility drugs
hysteroscopy   Hysteroscopy for infertility
Hysteroscopy is a procedure that enables a doctor to inspect the inside of the uterus without making any incisions. It can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Learn more about hysteroscopy procedure
success rates   Understanding fertility success rates
Various facts and figures might sometimes be confusing in the process of choosing a reliable fertility clinic. We hope that this article will help you understand one of the most significant figures that prospective parents should know about – fertility clinic success rateKeep on reading
before the treatment   What should I know before infertility treatment?
This article will dispel some of your fears and doubts and will make you feel more comfortable during your first visit to the fertility specialist. Keep on reading

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