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One of the biggest fertility clinics in the Baltic region, Nordfertility performs the most fertility procedures in the area. With over 15 years of experience, the clinic has already helped a number of couples to conceive. More than 1200 children were born thanks to the experience and expertise of the people working at the clinic.

Why should you choose Nordfertility?

Simply put - because we care about our patients. Medications, health tests will be taken care of at the clinic.  

What is more, the doctors are members of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and members of the board at the British Fertility Society. They have also had trainings in the United States, Israel, Czech Republic and other countries.

Our fertility doctors are regular participants at medical congresses and often present their reports and findings at medical conferences, their works are often published in medical journals.

Biomedical doctor Zivile Cerkiene who is our biologist/embryologist, has defended her thesis on embryology. In-depth knowledge combined with experience allows us to offer you professional fertility services.
Also, unlike many other fertility clinics, there are three embryos implanted at our clinic, which significantly increases the chances of conception.

The Nordfertility Laboratory

Innovative and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the lab implements the latest Time Lapse methodology, which improves the selection of embryos by 20%. This increases the chances of successful pregnancy. With the Time Lapse technology the embryos are monitored all the time and their whole cycle of development is recorded. How does this help? Analysing this data means we select the strongest embryos that are most likely to result in pregnancy.
An innovative IMSI system complements the lab microscope, which enables the doctor to select morphologically normal sperms for the micro injection. Currently this is the only method that allows the examination of a single live sperm. With the optical zoom of 7200, only morphologically normal sperms are selected.

Greater chance of pregnancy with implantation mediums

For an additional 300 EUR the doctor can help you choose a special implantation medium that helps the embryo‘s development. These mediums contain all nutrients and energy sources which are necessary for an optimal embryo development.

EmbryoGen is an implantation medium produced by Danish company Origio. This medium is enriched with cytokines and is recommended for women who have had a few early miscarriages or could not get pregnant after several artificial insemination procedures.
EmbryoGlu implantation medium is also produced by the same Origio company. This medium is effective for female patients who are over 35 years of age who also have a history of failed implantations. It is also suitable for women whose infertility is of unknown origin.

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