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The largest cities
Vilnius   Vilnius is the capital and the largest city in Lithuania with a population of 545 000 people. Both contemporary and historic Vilnius is considered to be a cultural and financial centre of Lithuania, rich in architecture and cultural heritage.
Kaunas   Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania with a population of about 340 000. Kaunas is often called a provisional capital because when Vilnius was seized in 1920 Lithuanian government moved here. Kaunas is also famous for its basketball team “Žalgiris”, Kaunas Zoo, medieval Kaunas castle and splendid architecture.

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  Nida is a lovely Lithuanian resort situated on a Curonian Spit which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique natural landscape, its golden dunes and of course clean beaches perfect to relax.

Druskininkai is a very competitive resort in all Baltic region, famous for its picturesque scenery, noted for its tranquility and most importantly, appreciated for its mineral bath and local cure mud therapies, various health care and beauty treatments.

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Open Air Museum of Lithuania

  Open Air Museum of Lithuania in Rumšiškės is like a small version of Lithuania representing buildings and household of all historic Lithuanian regions. It has a collection of over 140 authentic buildings dating back the 18-19th centuries.ct to relax.
Trakai castle  

Trakai castle is considered to be one of the most impressive historical monuments in Lithuania. Built in the early 15th century it has retained its Gothic ambiance.

Grutas park  

Grūtas Park draws attention of those interested in Soviet past in Lithuania as park exhibits over 50 different sculptures of Soviet leaders. The sculptures aim to reveal comic and hyperbolic worship of cult. Grūtas Park has also a watchtower and a trench in it.

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