Easy To Reach Within Europe

Lithuania is easy to reach from any European country. Below are are direct flights for the moment from these European cities to Vilnius or Kaunas. You can also visit official webpages of Vilnius airport, Kaunas airport and Palanga airport.


Country   Airport   Airport in Lithuania   Flight time
The UK   London Gatwick   Kaunas   2:40
The UK   London Stansted   Kaunas   2:30
The UK   London Luton   Kaunas   2:35
The UK   Birmingham   Kaunas   2:45
The UK   Bristol   Kaunas   2:50
The UK   London Gatwick   Vilnius   2:50
The UK   London Luton   Vilnius   2:50
The UK   London Stansted   Vilnius   2:55
The UK   Liverpool   Vilnius   3:05
The UK   Edinburgh   Vilnius   2:55
The UK   Doncaster   Vilnius   2:55
Ireland   Dublin   Vilnius   2:38
Ireland   Dublin   Kaunas   2:41
Ireland   Shannon   Kaunas   3:20
Sweden   Stockholm Arlanda   Vilnius   1:35
Sweden   Stockholm Bromma   Vilnius   1:45
Denmark   Copenhagen   Vilnius   1:16
Denmark   Billund   Vilnius   1:50
Denmark   Copenhagen   Palanga   2:10
Norway   Oslo Rygge   Vilnius   1:45
Norway   Oslo Gardemoen   Vilnius   1:50
Norway   Oslo Sandefjord Torp   Vilnius   1:55
Norway   Bergen   Vilnius   2:15
Norway   Stavanger   Vilnius   2:00
Norway   Oslo Rygge   Kaunas   1:50
Norway   Ålesund   Vilnius   2:20
Finland   Helsinki   Vilnius   0:59
Germany   Berlin   Vilnius   1:35
Germany   Frankfurt   Vilnius   1:51
Germany   Dortmund   Vilnius   1:10
Germany   Munich   Vilnius   2:00
Germany   Bremen   Vilnius   1:30
Germany   Frankfurt   Kaunas   2:10
Belgium   Brussels   Vilnius   2:03
France   Paris   Vilnius   2:23
Netherlands   Amsterdam   Vilnius   1:51
Netherlands   Eindhoven   Vilnius   2:20
Czech   Prague   Vilnius   1:22
Austria   Vienna   Vilnius   1:24
Italy   Rome   Vilnius   2:23
Italy   Milano   Vilnius   2:07
Spain   Barcelona   Vilnius   3:35
Spain   Madrid   Vilnius   4:00
Spain   Malaga   Vilnius   5:20
Spain   Tenerife   Vilnius   4:20
Spain   Almeria   Vilnius   3:25
Spain   Alicante   Kaunas   5:40
Spain   Palma de Mallorca   Kaunas   3:35
Latvia   Riga   Vilnius   0:23
Estonia   Tallinn   Vilnius   0:50
Poland   Warsaw   Vilnius   0:35

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